Virginia Shuman Young Elementary After School Program

Being a parent who works or has other obligations, afterschool hours are vital for our child’s growth and well-being. Choosing an appropriate afterschool care program is especially important for those whose children attend Virginia Shuman Young Elementary. Kimling’s Academy emerges as a top-tier option in this regard, providing a safe, nurturing environment with customized programs and skilled instructors. These features, along with several additional benefits, position Kimling’s Academy as an exemplary choice for your child’s afterschool needs.

Why Choose Kimling’s Academy for Afterschool Care?


At Kimling’s Academy, your child’s safety is our foremost concern. We understand the trust you place in us and uphold strict safety protocols, including secure facility access and continuous monitoring. Our team is trained in emergency procedures, ensuring your child’s safety at all times.

Tailored for Virginia Shuman Young Elementary Students

Our afterschool program is specifically tailored for students of Virginia Shuman Young Elementary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We understand the school’s ethos and curriculum, enabling us to provide an aftercare experience that complements your child’s daytime learning and activities.

Experienced and Caring Instructors

Our team of instructors is not just experienced but also genuinely caring. They are skilled in working with children of all ages and are dedicated to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment. Their approach ensures that every child feels valued and encouraged in their aftercare journey.

Free Uniform with Enrollment

To encourage a sense of belonging and discipline, we provide a free uniform upon enrollment. This uniform is not just a symbol of being part of Kimling’s Academy family but also promotes a sense of equality and focus among our young learners.

Free Transportation Provided

Understanding your busy schedules as a parent here in Fort Lauderdale, we offer free transportation from Virginia Shuman Young Elementary to our facility. This convenient service ensures that your child’s transition from school to afterschool care is smooth, safe, and hassle-free.

Our facility is conveniently located at 69 Prospect Rd, Oakland Park, FL 33309.

Virginia Shuman Young Elementary Afterschool Program in Fort Lauderdale

Virginia Shuman Young Elementary: Afterschool Care Experience

Academic Support

Our afterschool program includes dedicated time for homework and academic support. We provide a conducive environment for learning, with access to resources and guidance from our instructors, ensuring your child stays on track with their schoolwork.

Physical Fitness and Fun

At Kimling’s Academy, we believe in the importance of physical fitness for children. Our program includes various activities that promote physical health, coordination, and fun. These activities are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, keeping your child active and healthy.

Social Interaction and Teamwork

We emphasize social interaction and teamwork in our afterschool program. Through group activities and projects, children learn valuable social skills, such as cooperation, communication, and respect for others. This aspect of our program is essential for developing well-rounded individuals.

Next Steps: Virginia Shuman Young Elementary Afterschool Program

Choosing the right afterschool care for your child is a significant decision. At Kimling’s Academy, we offer a comprehensive program that not only aligns with the needs of Virginia Shuman Young Elementary students but also provides a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment for your child’s overall development. With our experienced instructors, tailored programs, and additional benefits like free uniforms and transportation, we are dedicated to being a positive and impactful part of your child’s educational journey.

For parents in the Fort Lauderdale area, Kimling’s Academy represents more than just an afterschool care option; it is a community committed to nurturing the next generation of learners and leaders.

Call us today at 954-564-3833 to get your little one started.

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