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Our Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts programs provide a comprehensive training experience in disciplines like Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, and Cardio Kickboxing. Each class is designed to improve fitness, self-defense skills, and mental discipline. We cater to a variety of age groups and skill levels, from children learning the basics to adults enhancing their martial arts expertise. Our focus extends beyond physical training, emphasizing personal growth, confidence, and respect. Whether you’re seeking a rigorous workout, self-defense skills, or a supportive community, our programs offer something for everyone.”

Martial Arts in Fort Lauderdale
Kids Marital Arts

Kids Tae Kwon Do

An exhilarating blend of flying kicks, fun, and youthful energy, shaping little warriors into disciplined, confident individuals.

Teen Tae Kwon Do

A fusion of fierce kicks and fearless spirit, sculpting teenage warriors in the art of strength and self-mastery.

Adult Tae Kwon Do

A journey of strength and serenity, where adults engage in the discipline of martial arts for fitness, focus, and inner balance.

Cardio Kickboxing

A form of Martial Arts training focused on improving cardiovascular health and muscle toning.

Jui Jitsu – Mixed Martial Arts

Equip you with strategies to counterattacks, reduce harm, and regain your footing.

Women’s Self-Defense Seminars

Straightforward techniques applicable in real-life scenarios, enhancing your balance, coordination, and strength.

Martial Arts in Fort Lauderdale

Beginner Martial Arts Classes

Lay a solid foundation in basic techniques and forms, crucial for progression in martial arts.

Martial Arts in Fort Lauderdale

Kids Afterschool Program

Watch your child develop life skills of confidence, respect, and discipline.

Martial Arts in Fort Lauderdale

2-Week Martial Arts Trial

This is the perfect opportunity to explore different styles, meet our instructors, and get a feel for our community.

What’s in it for you?

Martial arts offer a unique combination of physical and mental benefits, making them an excellent choice for people of all ages. Engaging in martial arts improves physical fitness, enhancing strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. It also teaches valuable self-defense skills, instilling confidence and a sense of security. Beyond the physical aspects, martial arts cultivate mental discipline, focus, and resilience, skills that are beneficial in all areas of life. Additionally, the supportive community and culture of respect within martial arts classes provide a positive social environment, fostering personal growth and cultural awareness.

  • Physical Fitness: Improves overall body strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
  • Mental Discipline: Enhances focus, determination, and self-control.
  • Goal Setting: Encourages setting and achieving personal goals.
  • Confidence Building: Boosts self-esteem and encourages stepping out of comfort zones.
  • Stress Relief: Provides a healthy outlet for releasing stress and tension.
  • Coordination and Balance: Improves body coordination and balance.
  • Social Interaction: Offers opportunities to meet new people and build friendships.
  • Self-Defense Skills: Teaches effective techniques for personal safety and protection.
  • Cultural Awareness: Provides insight into different cultures, especially if studying traditional martial arts.

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Martial Arts at Kimling’s

martial arts school in Fort Lauderdale, florida

More About Our Programs

Click the tabs below to explore the range of martial arts programs we currently offer. Each tab provides detailed information about different styles and classes, tailored to various age groups and skill levels.

Kids Tae Kwon Do

Understanding the significance of an active lifestyle for children, we recognize that enjoyment is key to their success. Martial arts offers the perfect blend, combining the physical advantages of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise with enhanced flexibility.

Our curriculum includes practical self-defense skills tailored to real-world scenarios. Equally important, children are thrilled by it! Ensuring age-appropriate learning and fun, our programs are specifically crafted for different age groups:

  • Dragons: ages 3 to 5
  • Ninjas: ages 6 to 8

Tae Kwon Do for Teens and Adults

Our teen and adult programs offer a curriculum specially designed for teens and adults looking to develop the strength and confidence martial arts can provide. Benefits include maximizing fitness, developing effective self-defense skills, or embracing the emotional and spiritual benefits.  Our instructors are here to guarantee your success. Classes are designed to challenge you, get you in shape, and teach you skills that may save your life in a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a form of Martial Arts training focused on improving cardiovascular health and muscle toning. It involves practicing and applying Martial Arts striking techniques in a less rigorous and contact-intensive environment compared to other training styles.

Jui Jitsu – Mixed Martial Arts

It’s estimated that 90% of confrontations eventually go to the ground. Our Jiu-Jitsu classes equip you with strategies to counterattacks, reduce harm, and regain your footing. In real-life scenarios, your aim is to safeguard vital areas, stand up, and defuse the threat with any means at hand.

You’ll acquire skills for gaining physical leverage, superior positioning, submission holds, and escape tactics. Our program caters to all ages and abilities, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Women’s Self-Defense Seminars

Our self-defense workshops focus on straightforward techniques applicable in real-life scenarios, enhancing your balance, coordination, and strength. No prior experience is required! We cover a diverse array of defense strategies, including Basic Self Defense, Ground Defense, Weapon Defense, and Active Shooter Defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQs section is a resource where you can find answers to commonly asked questions about our martial arts programs, offering clarity on everything from class schedules and age requirements to the benefits and teaching approaches of our courses. It’s designed to help you quickly understand key aspects of what we offer.

Our martial arts programs are designed for all age groups. We have specialized classes for children as young as 3 years old in our Dragons program, moving up to our Ninjas classes for ages 6 to 8, and continuing with programs for teenagers and adults. Each age group has a curriculum tailored to their developmental stage and skill level.

No previous experience is required to join our programs. We welcome beginners and those with prior martial arts experience alike. Our skilled instructors are adept at teaching students at all levels, ensuring that everyone can learn and progress at their own pace.

Enrolling in our martial arts classes offers a range of benefits. You will improve your physical fitness, gain self-defense skills, and enhance mental discipline. Our classes also focus on building confidence, respect, and perseverance. For children, in particular, they offer a fun way to develop coordination, focus, and social skills.

Classes are held multiple times a week, providing flexibility for busy schedules. The duration of each class typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the age group and the specific martial arts discipline being taught.

Our class environment is supportive and community-oriented. While there are opportunities for those who wish to pursue competitive aspects of martial arts, our primary focus is on individual growth, learning, and enjoyment. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where students can develop at their own pace in a non-intimidating environment.

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