Bennett Elementary After School Program

Why Choose Kimling’s Academy for Your After-School Program?

Selecting the ideal after-school care for your child is a crucial decision, and Kimling’s Academy of Martial Arts stands out as a premier choice. We are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment tailored specifically for the students of Bennett Elementary.

Safety: Our Top Priority

The safety of your child is our utmost priority. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures, and our staff is trained in best practices for ensuring a secure environment. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in safe hands.

Tailored for Bennett Elementary Students

Our after-school program is specifically designed to align with the needs and curriculum of Bennett Elementary students. This ensures a seamless transition from school to after-school care, maintaining continuity in their daily routine and learning experience.

Experienced and Caring Instructors

Our team of instructors at Kimling’s Academy is not only experienced but also deeply caring. They are committed to providing individualized attention to each child, ensuring they feel supported, understood, and motivated in their after-school activities.

Free Uniform with Enrollment

To simplify things for parents, we offer a free uniform upon enrollment in our after-school program. This initiative is part of our commitment to providing an all-inclusive, hassle-free experience for families.

Free Transportation Provided

We understand the logistical challenges of after-school pick-ups. That’s why we offer complimentary transportation from Bennett Elementary to Kimling’s Academy, ensuring a safe and convenient transition for your child.

Our facility is conveniently located at 69 Prospect Rd, Oakland Park, FL 33309.


Bennett Elementary: After-School Care Experience

Our after-school care program is an enriching extension of your child’s day, combining academic support with physical activity and social interaction.

Academic Support

We provide dedicated academic support to assist with homework and reinforce the day’s learning. Our aim is to complement the educational efforts of Bennett Elementary, equipping students with the tools they need for academic success.

Physical Fitness and Fun

Physical fitness is integral to our after-school program. We engage children in a variety of fun, physically active games and activities, promoting healthy habits and contributing to their overall physical development.

Social Interaction and Teamwork

We place a strong emphasis on social interaction and teamwork. Our program includes group activities that foster collaboration, friendship, and social skills, essential for the holistic development of children.

Next Steps: After-School Program for Bennett Elementary

Kimling’s is dedicated to providing a comprehensive after-school experience that nurtures and supports the growth and well-being of Bennett Elementary students. With a focus on safety, personalized care, academic support, and overall development, our program is designed to be a valuable extension of your child’s educational journey.

Call us at 954-564-3833 and enroll your child today and give them the gift of an enriching after-school experience that goes beyond just care—it’s an opportunity for growth and fun in a safe and supportive environment.

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